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What do I do if my parking space is illegally occupied? 

If you encounter a situation where a disabled parking space is occupied by a vehicle without a visible special parking permit on the dashboard, you can directly contact the local authority responsible for enforcing penalties related to this violation. Dial the emergency number +40268-954 to notify them so that prompt action can be taken.

Respecting everyone's right to accessibility is crucial, which includes honoring parking spaces designated for people with disabilities. These spaces are clearly marked and reserved exclusively for valid permit holders.

Please keep in mind that misusing these parking spaces is a violation of the law and may lead to penalties. By reporting such violations, you contribute to ensuring a fair and accessible parking environment for all individuals.

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Convention Implementation Coordination Service - For information on the rights of people with disabilities and the card - parking permit

General Constantin Budișteanu street no. 28C, floor 1, sector 1, Bucharest, CP 010773

0314338090, Key 5

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Where can I park and under what conditions: 

Persons with a disabled parking card can park their car only in the parking spaces specially marked for this purpose. Parking is not allowed in public parking spaces that are not intended for people with disabilities.

Therefore, all drivers with special cards that allow them to park in reserved spaces are entitled to park their car ONLY in those specially arranged spaces. They are created to facilitate their access to different locations and to ensure that there are always parking spaces available for them.

We remind everyone that misuse of these cards or violation of parking rules may result in penalties. Please follow these rules to ensure a fair and accessible parking environment for all.​

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Respect the law, respect the people! 

Let the dedicated parking spaces for disabled people be used by those who really need them.

Together for a green and sustainable city!

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